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Construction Excise Tax
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The following words and phrases as used in 3.732, 3.734, 3.736, 3.738, 3.740, 3.742, 3.744, 3.746 and 3.748 of this code shall have the following meanings:

Area median income. Lane County median household income by household size as defined by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and published periodically.

City Manager. The city manager or the city manager’s designee.

Commercial. Designed or intended to be used, or actually used, for other than residential purposes.

Construct or construction. Erecting, constructing, enlarging, altering, repairing, improving, or converting any building or structure for which the issuance of a building permit is required by Oregon law.

Improvement. A permanent addition to, or modification of, real property resulting in a new structure, additional square footage to an existing structure, or addition of living space to an existing structure.

Net revenue. Revenues remaining after the administrative fees described in section 3.738 of this code are deducted from the total construction excise tax collected.

Residential. Designed or intended to be used, or actually used, for residential purposes including any residential structure, dwelling, or dwelling unit.

Structure. Something constructed or built and having a fixed base on, or fixed to, the ground or to another structure.

Value of improvement. The total value of the improvement as determined in the process of issuance of the building permit.

(Section 3.730 added by Ordinance No. 20609, enacted April 8, 2019, effective May 11, 2019.)