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Morals and Public Conduct
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As used in sections 4.672, 4.990(1), and 4.996(5) and (6) of this code, the following words and phrases mean.

Alcoholic liquor. An alcoholic beverage containing more than one-half of one percent of alcohol by volume.

Host. To invite or to receive persons to a social gathering on property of which one has control as owner, lessee, tenant or licensee.

Organize. To encourage attendance (at an unruly gathering).

Response costs. The costs associated with responses by law enforcement, fire and other emergency response providers to unruly gatherings, including but not limited to:

(a) Salaries and benefits of law enforcement, fire or other emergency response personnel for the amount of time spent responding to, remaining at, or otherwise dealing with unruly gatherings, and the administrative costs attributable to such response(s);

(b) The cost of any medical treatment to or for any law enforcement, fire or other emergency response personnel injured while responding to, remaining at or leaving the scene of an unruly gathering.

(c) The cost of repairing any city equipment or property damaged, and the cost of the use of any such equipment, in responding to, remaining at or leaving the scene of an unruly gathering.

Juvenile. Any person under eighteen years of age.

Minor. Any person under twenty-one years of age.

Unruly gathering. A party or gathering where alcohol is served or consumed, and where any two or more of the following behaviors occur on the property where the gathering takes place or on adjacent property:

(a) Any violation of state or city of Eugene laws relating to the sale, service, possession or consumption of alcoholic liquor;

(b) Assault, as defined in section 4.729 of this code;

(c) Menacing, as defined in section 4.730 of this code;

(d) Harassment, as defined in section 4.726 of this code;

(e) Intimidation, as defined in section 4.731 of this code;

(f) Disorderly conduct, as defined in section 4.725 of this code;

(g) Noise disturbance, as defined in sections 4.080 – 4.084 of this code;

(h) Criminal mischief, as defined in sections 4.780 and 4.782 of this code;

(i) Public urination or defecation, as defined in section 4.770 of this code;

(j) Littering, as defined in section 6.805 of this code, by a person who attended the party or gathering; and

(k) Unlawful use or explosion of fireworks, as prohibited by ORS 480.120 or section 4.934 of this code.

Owner. The person or entity listed as the owner in the Lane County property tax records.


(a) Any dwelling unit or group of dwelling units at a single street number address, including but not limited to a house, duplex, triplex, apartment(s), condominium(s) or other structure(s) with one or more dwelling units, hotel or motel room(s);

(b) A hall, meeting room or other structure that serves as a gathering place;

(c) Any private real property adjacent to, and under the same ownership as, the location of a structure described in section (a) or (b) of this definition;

(d) Public right-of-way. “Property” does not include a restaurant, bar or tavern.

Twelve-month period. The twelve months immediately preceding the most recent citation.

(Section 4.670 added by Ordinance No. 20504, enacted January 28, 2013, effective March 2, 2013; and amended by Ordinance No. 20532, enacted June 23, 2014, effective June 24, 2014.)