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As used in sections 4.982 to 4.988, the following words and phrases mean.

Connected, connection. A motor vehicle is connected or a connection is accomplished when two wheels (one wheel if a motorcycle or motorbike) of the vehicle are elevated off the ground and the vehicle is safely attached to a vehicle used in the towing business for transport.

Parking facility. Any parking facility as defined in section 5.010 of this code.

Parking facility owner. The owner, operator or person in possession of a parking facility.

Towing business. Includes engaging in any of the following acts:

(a) The towing or recovering of vehicles by any means for any direct or indirect compensation when the vehicle being towed or recovered is owned by a person other than the person performing the towing or recovering activity; or

(b) The towing or recovering by any means, as part of any business operation of the person, vehicles that are wrecked, damaged, disabled or abandoned, or replacement vehicles; but does not include providing assistance to another motorist, whether or not compensation is received, if the assistance is not provided as part of the business operation of the person providing the assistance.

Vehicle operator. Any person lawfully in possession of a motor vehicle which may include the operator, lessee, owner or holder of a security interest.

(Section 4.980 added by Ordinance 20058, enacted September 9, 1996, effective October 9, 1996.)