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General Regulations
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In addition to state law, the following shall apply to the operation of motor vehicles on the streets of the city.

(a) The operator of a motor vehicle in the traffic lane shall have the right-of-way over an operator of a motor vehicle departing from a parking space.

(b) No operator of a motor vehicle shall pull away from a curb or other parking area without giving an appropriate turn signal when other traffic may be affected.

(c) Where a special lane for making left turns by drivers proceeding in opposite directions has been indicated by official traffic control devices:

(1) A left turn shall not be made from any other lane.

(2) A motor vehicle shall not be driven in the lane except when preparing for, or making a left turn from or into the roadway or when preparing for or making a U-turn where otherwise permitted by law.

(3) The lane shall not be used for passing another motor vehicle.

(Section 5.105 amended by Ordinance No. 17690, enacted June 28, 1976.)