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Off-Street Parking Districts
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The development of an off-street public parking facility shall be initiated by the council, either on its own motion or on the petition of the owners of property comprising more than one-half the area to benefit specially from the facility excluding any area occupied by parking facilities deemed not benefited by section 7.475. The motion of the council shall direct the city manager to make a survey and written report on the project and file it with the finance officer. Unless the council shall direct otherwise, the report shall contain, when applicable, the following matters.

(a) A map or plat showing the general nature, location and extent of the proposed off-street parking facility and the land to be assessed for the payment of the cost thereof.

(b) Plans, specifications and estimates of the work to be done.

(c) An estimate of the probable cost of the improvement, including legal, administrative and engineering costs.

(d) An estimate of the unit cost of the improvement to the specially benefited properties.

(e) A recommendation as to the method of assessment to be used to arrive at a fair apportionment of the whole or a portion of the cost of the improvement to the properties specially benefited.

(f) The description of each parcel of real property, or portion thereof, to be specially benefited by said off-street parking facility, with the names of the record owners thereof and, when readily available, the names of the contract purchasers thereof.

(g) A statement of outstanding assessments against real property to be assessed.

(Section 7.465 amended by Ordinance No. 19393, enacted July 28, 1986, effective January 28, 1987.)