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S-WS Walnut Station Special Area Zone Revised
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The purpose of the Walnut Station Special Area Zone is to implement the vision of the Walnut Station Specific Area Plan to facilitate development of a mixed use center. The S-WS standards implement a form-based approach, which emphasizes the relationship between building facades and the public realm, the form and mass of buildings in relation to one another, and the scale and types of streets and blocks. The intent of a form-based code is to achieve a predictable built environment with a focus on providing quality public spaces. Design objectives of the S-WS zone include:

(1) Recognize and enhance the Walnut Station Special Area Zone as a gateway to the City and the University of Oregon.

(2) Recognize and enhance the open space and natural resources in the Walnut Station Special Area Zone. Treat the millrace as an amenity, enhance the Willamette River, and provide connections to these natural resource areas.

(3) Foster building orientation, massing, articulation and façades that contribute positively to the surrounding environment.

(4) Create a safe and attractive pedestrian environment through use of architectural and site design features such as high quality materials, outdoor seating, pedestrian-scaled lighting, prominent entries facing the street, multiple openings or windows, vegetation, and significant use of clear glass.

(5) Provide for architectural variety and access to light, air and vegetation through variations in building massing, setbacks, stepbacks, screening and landscaping.

(6) Promote a mixture of uses, including commercial, residential, and institutional uses.

(7) Incorporate features that reduce the need for use of automobiles for travel within the Special Area Zone.

(8) Encourage the use of transit, walking and biking through provision of attractive and safe bicycle and pedestrian facilities and direct connections between buildings, pathways, sidewalks and transit facilities.

(9) Minimize the barrier effect of Franklin Boulevard.

(10) Recognize 15th Avenue as a transition area between the predominantly single-unit residential neighborhood on the south side of the street and Walnut Station Special Area Zone on the north, to protect the residential character of the neighborhood

(Section 9.3950 added by Ordinance No. 20460, enacted July 12, 2010, effective August 14, 2010; Ordinance No. 20667, enacted May 24, 2022, effective June 25, 2022; Ordinance No. 20699, enacted November 13, 2023, effective December 31, 2023.)