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/WB Wetland Buffer Overlay Zone
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The purpose of the /WB overlay zone is to maintain or improve water quality within protected wetland sites identified in the West Eugene Wetlands Plan by maintaining an undeveloped setback area between the wetland and developed areas. Secondary benefits of buffers and setbacks include creating open space between the resource and adjacent uses, helping to maintain or improve wildlife habitat values and wetland hydrology, protecting the aesthetic value of the site and minimizing property damage from floods. The /WB overlay zone is also intended to maintain or enhance open space areas adjacent to wetlands identified for protection in the West Eugene Wetlands Plan. These open space areas are important because they typically contain native vegetation – convey, store, or improve the quality of urban stormwater runoff – and provide habitat for wildlife. Uses and activities permitted in these areas are restricted in most cases to those that are consistent with the purpose of this overlay zone. Where conflicting uses or activities must occur, either conditional use permit or site review approval based upon conformance specified in EC 9.2530 Natural Resource Zone Development Standards is required to minimize adverse impacts. The provisions of this overlay zone are intended to implement policies in the comprehensive plan that call for protection of wetlands, wildlife habitat, and surface and ground water quality. The provisions of this overlay zone are also intended to address state and federal laws and policies that regulate development within jurisdictional wetlands to protect water quality, including applicable provisions of the Federal Clean Water Act and the State of Oregon’s wetland laws.

(Section 9.4800, see chart at front of Chapter 9 for legislative history from 2/26/01 through 6/1/02; amended by Ordinance No. 20584, enacted July 17, 2017, effective August 24, 2017.)