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(1) The presiding municipal judge shall be hired and accountable to the city council. The city council shall hire, supervise, and specify the salary of the presiding municipal judge, who shall serve at the pleasure of the city council. All city council decisions regarding the presiding municipal judge will be made by a simple majority vote of the city council.

(2) The performance of the presiding municipal judge shall be evaluated:

(a) Through an informal self-evaluation submitted to the council annually;

(b) Through an informal evaluation submitted to the council every two years; and

(c) Through a formal evaluation, conducted every four years by an evaluation committee.

The informal evaluation shall consist of a completed self-evaluation form, together with evaluation forms completed by representatives of the department of public safety, the city prosecutor’s office, and the public defender’s office. The formal evaluation process shall include a public hearing. Members of the evaluation committee shall be nominated by the mayor and appointed by the council. The committee shall be composed of not less than five persons, including at least one member of the human rights commission, two attorneys familiar with the municipal court, and two other persons generally familiar with the judicial system. The evaluation report shall be submitted to and accepted by the council.

(Section 2.011 added by Ordinance No. 18001, enacted June 13, 1977; amended by Ordinance No. 18904, enacted December 16, 1981; Ordinance No. , enacted February 17, 1982; Ordinance No. 18940, enacted March 10, 1982; Ordinance No. 19936, enacted October 25, 1993; Ordinance No. 20051, enacted June 10, 1996, effective July 10, 1996; Ordinance No. 20100, enacted December 1, 1997, effective December 31, 1997; Ordinance No. 20138, enacted December 7, 1998, effective January 6, 1999; and Ordinance No. 20611, enacted April 15, 2019, effective May 17, 2019.)