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(1) As part of the application, the claimant shall include a fee deposit of $1,500. If the claimant provides all of the information identified in section 2.075(2), no additional fee beyond the deposit shall be required from the claimant. If the claimant does not provide all of the information requested in section 2.075(2), then the city manager shall maintain a record of the city’s costs in processing a claim, including the costs of obtaining information required by section 2.075 which a property owner does not provide to the city. Following final action by the city on the claim at the local level, the city manager shall send to the property owner a bill for the lesser of (a) the actual costs, including staff and legal costs, that the city incurred in reviewing and acting on the claim, or (b) $7,500 plus the cost of any appraisal.

(2) If the property owner does not pay the amount due within 30 days, then the city shall pursue collection, including, if necessary, filing a lien on the property.

(Section 2.080 added by Ordinance No. 20331, enacted and effective November 30, 2004.)