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(1) Following an investigation of a claim, the city manager shall forward to the city council a recommendation, together with an explanation to support the recommendation, that the claim be:

(a) Denied;

(b) Investigated further;

(c) Declared valid, and waive or modify the land use regulation, or compensate the claimant upon completion of an appraisal; or

(d) Evaluated with the expectation of the city acquiring the property, by condemnation if necessary.

(2) If the city manager’s recommendation is that a claim be denied, and no city elected official informs the city manager within 14 days that the official disagrees, then the city manager may deny the claim. If an elected official objects, then the city manager shall wait an additional seven days to see whether three more elected officials object to the proposed denial. If they do, then the city manager shall schedule a work session with the city council. If not, the city manager may deny the claim.

(Section 2.085 added by Ordinance No. 20331, enacted and effective November 30, 2004.)