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Public Contracts
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(1) Short Title. The provisions of sections 2.1400 to 2.1451 of this code, and all administrative rules adopted thereunder may be cited as the City of Eugene Public Contracting Regulations.

(2) Purpose. It is the policy of the city in adopting public contracting regulations to utilize public contracting practices and methods that maximize the efficient use of public resources and the purchasing power of public funds by:

(a) Promoting impartial and open competition;

(b) Using solicitation materials that are complete and contain a clear statement of contract specifications and requirements; and

(c) Taking full advantage of evolving procurement methods that suit the contracting needs of the city as they emerge within various industries.

(3) Interpretation. In furtherance of the purpose of the objectives set forth in subsection (2), it is the city’s intent that City of Eugene Public Contracting Regulations be interpreted to authorize the city to possess the full contracting powers of an Oregon local contracting agency and to act to the full extent permitted by state law.

(4) Administrative Rules. The Oregon Attorney General’s Model Public Contracting Rules, OAR Chapter 137, Divisions 46, 47, 48, and 49 (the Oregon Model Rules) do not apply to the city’s public contracting activities. Instead, the city’s purchasing agent is authorized and directed to adopt administrative rules and procedures relating to public contracts and the public contract process, which may include portions of the Oregon Model Rules.

(Section 2.1400 added by Ordinance No. 20341, enacted and effective March 2, 2005; amended by Ordinance No. 20542, enacted October 27, 2014, effective November 30, 2014; Ordinance No. 20669, enacted Jun 27, 2022, effective July 30, 2022.)