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The city, including EWEB, shall not provide water, water service or sewer service outside the city limits except as authorized pursuant to the city charter, this code, and adopted resolutions. The city manager or the manager’s designee is hereby authorized to receive on behalf of the city requests for the extra-territorial extensions of water service or sewer service from inside the city limits to serve property located outside the city limits or for the provision of water or sewer service to special service districts. Such requests shall be accompanied by the application fee established by the city manager as provided by section 2.020 of this code. Requests for the extra-territorial extension of water service or sewer service shall be processed and approved or denied as provided in section 9.8115 to 9.8121 of this code.

(Section 2.212 added by Ordinance No. 17492, enacted December 22, 1975; amended by Ordinance No. 17630, enacted April 26, 1976; Ordinance No. 19625, enacted July 10, 1989; and Ordinance No. 20400, adopted12/10/2007, effective January 1, 2008.)