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(1) There is hereby established a civilian review board of not to exceed seven members, whose goal shall be to increase the transparency of, and public confidence in, the police complaint process. In general, the civilian review board shall evaluate the work of the independent police auditor, and may review completed complaint investigations involving sworn police employees to provide comment, from a civilian perspective, about whether the complaint was handled fairly and with due diligence.

(2) It is intended that sections 2.240 through 2.246 and 2.450 through 2.456 will provide a system of independent oversight of the police complaint process and implement section 15-A of the Eugene Charter of 2002 as adopted by the city electorate on November 8, 2005.

(3) Except where the context requires otherwise, the definitions contained in section 2.452 of this code govern the words and phrases used in sections 2.240 through 2.246 of this code.

(4) The civilian review board shall serve as an advisory body to the city council.

(Section 2.240 added by Ordinance No. 20374, enacted December 13, 2006, effective January 12, 2007.)