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(1) The civilian review board shall annually elect from among its membership a chairperson and a vice-chairperson who shall serve in that position for no more than three (3) consecutive one-year terms.

(2) The civilian review board shall nominate one of its members to serve jointly on the civilian review board and the police commission, which nomination shall be subject to the approval or rejection of the city council.

(3) The auditor’s office shall be liaison to, and provide staff support for, the civilian review board.

(4) The civilian review board may appoint from its membership committees as necessary to perform its duties.

(5) The civilian review board shall hold regular meetings with an opportunity for public comment at least quarterly, and the civilian review board and its committees may hold additional meetings as necessary. No business of the civilian review board shall be conducted at a meeting without at least a quorum of three (3) members on a five (5) member board or four (4) members on a seven (7) member board present. All actions of the civilian review board shall be made upon a simple majority vote of the members present.

(6) Meetings of the civilian review board shall be open to the public except when executive sessions are authorized by law and the civilian review board has determined an executive session is necessary or desirable in order to carry out its business. To facilitate the transparency of the civilian review board’s activities, the police auditor will develop and present case summaries and status reports in a manner that allows review and discussion in open session, to the maximum extent practicable.

(7) The civilian review board shall prepare and present an annual report to the city council that:

(a) Summarizes the civilian review board’s activities, findings and recommendations during the preceding year;

(b) Assesses the performance of the police auditor consistent with section 2.244(7); and

(c) Evaluates the work of the auditor’s office, including whether the auditor’s office is functioning as intended.

(8) The civilian review board may develop additional reports deemed necessary by it, or as requested by the city council. All reports generated by the civilian review board shall strive to protect the privacy of all individuals and shall not contain the names of parties to a complaint (employees, complainants and/or witnesses) not previously disclosed. The city council shall review and take appropriate action on reports submitted by the civilian review board.

(9) In collaboration with the auditor’s office, the civilian review board may conduct education and outreach activities to inform the community about the process for filing complaints and commendations about police employees. The civilian review board and police auditor shall work together to develop and disseminate information and forms regarding the police complaint handling and review system.

(10) The civilian review board, or its individual members, may not:

(a) Investigate complaints or incidents involving police employees;

(b) Issue subpoenas or call witnesses;

(c) Review employee discipline decisions except in the context of reviewing trend reports from the auditor’s office consistent with section 2.454(1)(f)(3).; or

(d) Incur city expenses or obligate the city in any way without the prior authorization of the police auditor or city council.

(Section 2.246 added by Ordinance No. 20374, enacted December 13, 2006, effective January 12, 2007.)