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(1) The commission shall affirm, encourage and initiate programs and services within the community and advise and support city of Eugene services designed to place priority upon protecting, respecting, and fulfilling the full range of universal human rights as enumerated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. To support and promote human rights, the commission will:

(a) Provide human rights education;

(b) Be proactive in human rights efforts;

(c) Address human rights violations;

(d) Ensure active public participation;

(e) Be transparent and open; and

(f) Be publicly accountable for human rights progress.

(2) The commission shall help the city of Eugene and the community work toward the elimination of systemic barriers to equitable treatment and toward inclusion and accommodation of differences among people. The commission will promote justice and equal opportunity for all. In these efforts, the commission may enlist the support of community groups and public agencies.

(3) The commission shall endeavor to ascertain the status of civil and human rights in the community. The commission may explore, research and hold hearings to effectuate this provision.

(4) The commission shall make periodic recommendations to elected officials and the city manager concerning the civil and human rights of persons and groups in the community.

(5) The commission shall cooperate with the city officials to ensure that the city of Eugene is a leader in extending equal opportunity to its community members, including but not limited to:

(a) Employment opportunities in city government;

(b) Training for city jobs;

(c) Equality of city services provided;

(d) Equality of all before the law; and

(e) Equal treatment of all by holders of city licenses, contracts and privileges.

(6) The commission shall cooperate with the city of Eugene in ensuring that the city is receiving, referring and/or investigating specific acts of discrimination against individuals in the community.

(7) The commission shall work to educate and encourage community members to report acts of discrimination, hate and bias, to the city of Eugene.

(Section 2.265 amended by Ordinance No. 17479, enacted November 24, 1975; Ordinance No. 19732, enacted November 5, 1990; Ordinance No. 20264, enacted November 12, 2002, effective December 12, 2002; and Ordinance No. 20481, enacted November 28, 2011, effective December 30, 2011.)