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(1) The officers of the commission shall be a chairperson and a vice-chair elected by the commission from among the members of the commission. The chairperson shall preside over meetings of the commission and shall have the right to vote. The vice-chair shall perform the duties of the chairperson in the absence or disability of the chairperson. The officers shall serve for terms of one year.

(2) The commission shall meet at least six times a year, with such additional meetings as it deems necessary to properly perform its duties.

(3) The commission may make and alter rules for its conduct and procedure, providing they are consistent with state law and applicable provisions of the city charter, ordinances and policies.

(4) The commission may approve a leave of absence, not to exceed three months, for a commissioner who is temporarily unable to fulfill the duties of a commissioner.

(5) Fifty percent plus one of the current membership, not including any commissioner who is on leave of absence, shall constitute a quorum.

(6) The city manager may, within his or her discretion, furnish staff assistance to the commission or to the commission’s working groups.

(Section 2.275 added by Ordinance No. 17748, enacted September 13, 1976; amended by Ordinance No. 19732, enacted November 5, 1990; administratively amended by Ordinance No. 20113, enacted April 6, 1998, effective May 6, 1998; and amended by Ordinance No. 20481, enacted November 28, 2011, effective December 30, 2011.)