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(1) The Commission shall create a work plan that is reviewed by the city manager and approved by the mayor and city council.

(2) The commission may create working group(s) to help achieve the work plan goals.

(a) Each working group will be led by a commission member.

(b) Membership, powers and rules of conduct and procedure of the working group(s) will be determined by the whole commission.

(c) Commission working group(s) will abide by Oregon public meetings law.

(3) The commission shall present its work plan accomplishments and work plan status annually to the city council.

(Section 2.280 added by Ordinance No. 17748, enacted September 13, 1976, and amended by Ordinance No. 18001, enacted June 13, 1977; Ordinance No. 19083, enacted December 13, 1982; Ordinance No. 19579, enacted October 10, 1988; Ordinance No. 19732, enacted November 5, 1990; Ordinance No. 19941, enacted November 22, 1993, effective December 22, 1993; Ordinance No. 20264, enacted November 12, 2002, effective December 12, 2002; and Ordinance No. 20481, enacted November 28, 2011, effective December 30, 2011.)