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It shall be the duty of the commission, and it shall have power, except as otherwise provided by law.

(a) To keep current a comprehensive plan for the city adopted by the council as an official guide to public and private uses of land.

(b) To prepare city legislation that will implement the purposes of the comprehensive plan.

(c) To cooperate with private developers and public agencies in providing an adequate supply of housing for low income families.

(d) To recommend and make suggestions to the council and to all other public authorities concerning laying out, widening, extending and locating of streets and parking areas, sidewalks and boulevards, relief of traffic congestion, betterment of housing and sanitation conditions and establishment of zones or districts limiting the use, height, area and bulk of buildings and structures.

(e) To recommend to the council and all other public authorities plans for regulation of future growth, development and beautification of the municipality in respect to its public and private buildings and works, streets, parks, grounds and vacant lots, and plans consistent with future growth and development of the city in order to secure to the city and its inhabitants sanitation, proper service of all public utilities and transportation facilities.

(f) To study and propose in general such measures as may be advisable for promotion of the public interest, health, morals, safety, comfort, convenience and welfare of the city and of the area six miles adjacent thereto.

(g) To serve as the committee for citizen involvement as described in Statewide Planning Goal 1, responsible for assisting the city council with the development of a program that promotes and enhances citizen involvement in land-use planning, assisting in the implementation of the citizen involvement program, and evaluating the process being used for citizen involvement.

(h) To exercise any express or implied power, right or act pursuant to this Code or ORS Chapter 227.

(Section 2.350 amended by Ordinance No. 16666, enacted January 8, 1973; Ordinance No. 16971, enacted January 28, 1974; Ordinance No. 19197, enacted November 16, 1983, effective January 1, 1984; Ordinance No. 20309, enacted February 11, 2004, effective March 12, 2004; Ordinance No. 20410, enacted June 9, 2008, effective July 11, 2008; and Ordinance No. 20584, enacted July 17, 2017, effective August 24, 2017.)