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(1) Hearings officials shall be appointed by the city manager and shall hold office at the pleasure of the city manager.

(2) It shall be the duty of a hearings official to exercise any express or implied power, right or act pursuant to this code or ORS Chapter 227, and to receive and examine available information, conduct public hearings, prepare a record thereof, and enter findings and conclusions in connection therewith.

(3) The city manager, in consultation with the personnel director and representatives of the commissions, shall establish a job description and qualifications for hearings officials. The city manager shall appoint, as the need arises, persons who meet the qualifications, to hear particular complaints brought pursuant to section 4.645 of this code. Each commission shall notify the city manager of the need for a hearings officer to hear a complaint filed with the commission.

(Section 2.370 added by Ordinance No. 16666, enacted January 8, 1973, amended by Ordinance No. 17256, enacted February 24, 1975; Ordinance No. 17479, enacted November 24, 1975; Ordinance No. 18055, enacted September 26, 1977, Ordinance No. 18915, enacted January 27, 1982, and Ordinance No. 19197, enacted November 16, 1983, effective January 1, 1984.)