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(1) Created. A sustainability commission is hereby created to act as a policy advisory body to the council and city manager in the development or initiation of programs or actions that will enhance, develop and create sustainable practices within the community. The commission shall advise on policy matters related to a) sustainable practices, b) businesses that produce sustainable products and services, c) city building design and infrastructure, and d) related issues that directly affect sustainability efforts considered by the city council.

(2) Membership. The commission shall consist of 12 citizen members and one city councilor. Members to be selected are to represent a diverse range of interests and experiences with due regard to the geographic distribution of the membership. The members of the commission shall be selected from, but are not limited to, several but not necessarily all of the following groups: youths, students of the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, persons with a demonstrated interest in sustainable business practices, building and design, energy conservation or alternative energy sources, economic development, educators, members of community or neighborhood groups, persons with a diversity of ethnic and cultural affiliations, and persons with diverse economic backgrounds and interests.

(3) Appointment and Term of Office. Each councilor shall appoint a single member to the commission, four members shall be appointed by vote of the full council, and the mayor shall appoint the councilor member. The councilor member shall serve during his or her term of office, and citizen members shall serve for four-year terms, except for the first appointees, who shall serve for the following terms: four members shall serve initially for four-year terms (appointed by councilors for wards 1 through 4); four members shall serve initially for three-year terms (appointed by councilors for wards 5 through 8); and four members shall serve initially for two-year terms (appointed by full council). All members shall be limited to two consecutive terms. A vacancy shall be filled in the same manner as the original appointment, and the appointee shall hold office for the remainder of the unexpired term. A member who is absent from three consecutively scheduled meetings without having been excused by the chair of the commission may be removed by the council and the vacancy filled.

(4) Officers, Meetings and Rules of Procedure. The officers of the commission shall be a chair and vice-chair, elected by majority vote of the commission. The chair shall preside at meetings of the commission and shall have the right to vote. The vice-chair shall, in case of absence or disability of the chair, perform the duties of the chair. Officers shall serve for terms of one year or until their successors are regularly elected and take office. The commission shall hold meetings at such times as it deems necessary, and shall also meet upon the call of the chair. The commission shall meet not less than four times each calendar year. The commission shall adopt by-laws, operating agreements, and may make and alter rules for its conduct and procedure, providing they are consistent with state law and applicable provisions of the city charter, ordinances and policies. Seven members of the commission shall constitute a quorum. The concurring vote of a majority of members present shall be required for approval or disapproval of any motion or other action of the commission. All meetings shall be open to the public. No formally constituted committee of the commission may be created unless the purpose, scope and tenure of the committee is included in the annual work plan and is approved in advance by the city council.

(5) Powers and Duties. The commission shall:

(a) Make recommendations to the council and city manager for programs or actions designed to implement the recommendations contained in the Sustainable Business Initiative Task Force Report as accepted by the city council on October 23, 2006;

(b) Create and present an annual work plan to the city council;

(c) Meet annually with the city council to secure approval of the work plan;

(d) Provide a forum for addressing public concerns related to sustainable policies and practices;

(e) Work on sustainability-related projects as directed by the council and city manager;

(f) Provide input on sustainability policies and practices that reflect community values; and

(g) Assist the city council and city manager in balancing community priorities and resources by advising them on sustainability issues.

(Section 2.380 added by Ordinance No. 20379, enacted February 26, 2007, effective April 4, 2007.)