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(1) If the council chooses to proceed to a Full Investigation, the council shall choose an outside investigator to perform the investigation. The investigator shall be someone whose office is located outside Lane County, who has not been employed by or had family members employed by the city of Eugene, and who:

(a) Has sufficient knowledge and expertise to conduct the particular investigation;

(b) Will be fair and impartial; and

(c) Can complete the investigation in a timely fashion.

(2) Following completion of the investigation, the outside investigator shall provide a report of the investigation to the council.

(3) After reviewing the report from the investigator, the council shall determine whether the complaint is sustained and, if so, whether the complaint merits imposition of any discipline.

(Section 2.410 added by Ordinance No. 20422, enacted September 22, 2008, effective October 25, 2008.)