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(1) The procedures of this section and sections 2.441 and 2.442 apply to the establishment of all fees and charges for the use of Mahlon Sweet Airport except for those fee, charges or rents:

(a) Provided for by lease, contract, or permit with the City of Eugene; or

(b) Established by public bidding processes, requests for proposals or other competitive processes; or

(c) Set by operation of federal or state law or by other provisions of this code.

(2) Prior to the establishment of any airport fee or charge, the city manager shall investigate the amount charged for such right or use in the past, any comparable rates charged by other airports, applicable user fee policies set by the council, and the revenue needs of the airport.

(Section 2.440 amended by Ordinance No. 16700, enacted January 22, 1973: Ordinance No. 18685, enacted July 28, 1980, and Ordinance No.19496, enacted September 9, 1987.)