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Words and phrases used in sections 2.482 to 2.488 of this code, shall have the meaning ascribed to them in ORS 244.020, except that the following words and phrases are defined as follows.

Business associate. For purposes of section 14(3) of the Eugene Charter of 2002, “business associate” shall have the same meaning as “business with which the person is associated” as defined by ORS 244.020(3).

Domestic partner. For purposes of Section 14(3) of the Eugene Charter of 2002, “domestic partner” means the other member of a domestic partnership registered with the city under section 2.820 of this code, or the partner of an elected official where the elected official or partner has publicly stated that they are a couple.

Elected official. The mayor or a city councilor.

Executive manager. The head or director of a city department and the assistant city manager.

Public official. An elected official, budget committee member, planning commission member, human rights commission member, police commission member, city manager, executive manager, or municipal court judge.

(Section 2.480 added by Ordinance No. 20300, enacted October 27, 2003, effective November 26, 2003.)