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If the city attorney prepares an investigative report on a complaint against an elected official alleging an intentional violation of section 2.482 or 2.484 of this code for the purposes of obtaining or maintaining a personal financial benefit or to avoid a financial detriment, the city attorney will forward a copy of the investigative report to the city council. Upon receipt of the city attorney’s investigative report, the city council shall determine whether the violation was intentional. Such a determination shall require six affirmative votes. The city council may remove an elected official from his or her position if the council determines that the elected official committed the violation intentionally and for the purpose of obtaining or maintaining a personal financial benefit for, or avoiding a financial detriment to, any of the persons listed in subsection (3) of section 14 of the Eugene Charter of 2002.

(Section 2.488 added by Ordinance No. 20300, enacted October 27, 2003, effective November 26, 2003.)