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(1) The finance officer shall maintain a docket of city liens recording all special assessments, taxes, and other charges that, under this Code or State law, are liens upon property.

(2) The docket shall specify for each lien

(a) Its date of inception,

(b) Its amount,

(c) The obligation for which the lien has been impressed,

(d) The property subject to the lien, and

(e) The name of the owner of the property or a statement that the name of the owner is unknown. (Failure so to specify that name, or specification of a name other than that of the owner, does not affect the validity of the obligation that is the basis for the lien, or the validity of the lien itself.)

(3) Payments of lien-related installments, interest, and costs shall be entered in the docket as the payments are received, together with the dates of the payments. The finance officer shall, upon request, issue the payers receipts that specify separately the assessments, interest, and costs collected. Such a payment made and so receipted and entered discharges, to the extent, and from the date, of the payment, the lien to which the payment is related.

(4) The docket is a public writing, and the original or duplicate original of an entry therein, or a copy of the entry certified by the finance officer to be true, has the force and effect of a judgment from the time of the entry. From the time of the entry, a lien so entered has priority over all other liens and encumbrances upon the property upon which the lien has been impressed. The lien shall be enforced in the manner prescribed by this Code.

(Section 2.540 added by Ordinance No. 18179, enacted May 8, 1978.)