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(1) The finance officer, after having sold property listed under section 2.542(1), shall deliver to the purchaser a certificate of sale of the property sold. The certificate shall

(a) State the nature of the obligation for which the property has been sold,

(b) Identify the property,

(c) State the amount for which the property has been sold,

(d) State the amounts of city liens remaining on the property after the foreclosure and the obligations on which they are based,

(e) State the name of the purchaser, and

(f) State that the sale is subject to redemption of the property within one year after the date of the certificate.

(2) The certificate is assignable, but no assignment of it is valid unless reported to the finance officer and recorded in the docket of city liens.

(Section 2.544 added by Ordinance No. 18179, enacted May 8, 1978.)