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For purposes of sections 2.638 to 2.648 of this Code, the following words and phrases mean.

Artist. A practitioner in the visual arts, generally recognized by critics and peers as a professional of serious intent, who produces works of art, and who is not a member of the project architectural firm or selection committee for the project under review.

Committee. The art fund selection committee established to purchase works of art.

Deaccessioning. The end of the use or display of artwork in a public place by appropriate means, including, but not limited to, removal and storage, sale, or termination of a contract or agreement.

Public place. Any building, park, mall, or other capital construction project (but not including streets, alleys, bicycle paths, and other public thoroughfares) constructed, remodeled, or purchased by the city which construction, remodeling or purchasing involves the expenditure of more than $50,000. As used herein, “remodeled” or “remodeling” includes modifications and/or additions to existing facilities, but does not include projects that are necessary in order tp preserve, maintain, or repair existing facilities.

Visual Arts Coordinator. The person employed by the city and appointed by the city manager to coordinate and facilitate the implementation of sections 2.638 to 2.648 of this Code.

Works of Art. All forms of original creations of visual art, including and not limited to:

Painting: all media, including both portable and permanently-affixed or integrated works such as murals.

Sculpture: in the round, bas-relief, high relief, mobile, fountain, kinetic, electronic, etc., in any material or combination of materials.

Prints, clay, drawings, stained glass, mosaics, photography, fiber and textiles, wood, metal, plastics and other materials or combination of materials, calligraphy, and mixed media, any combinations of forms of media, including collage.

(Section 2.638 added by Ordinance No. 18849, enacted August 10, 1981; amended by Ordinance No. 20105, enacted January 26, 1998, effective February 25, 1998; and Ordinance No. 20163, enacted July 26, 1999, effective August 26, 1999.)