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At an appropriate initial stage in the planning, design, construction, or purchase of a public place, the city department or authority designated by the city manager to be responsible for construction or purchase of the public place, together with the visual arts coordinator, shall establish a budget amount for the works of art to be provided as a part of the project and a recommended medium and location for such works of art. The amount budgeted for a particular project may be less than the deposit into the fund for art in public places generated by that project under section 2.640 of this code. Such budget amount and further recommendations shall be reviewed and approved by the city manager, whose approval shall be final.

(Section 2.642 added by Ordinance No. 18849, enacted August 10, 1981; amended by Ordinance No. 19651, enacted November 20, 1989; and Ordinance No. 20105, enacted January 26, 1998, effective February 25, 1998.)