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(1) There is hereby created an art selection committee for each arts funding project to be designated by the city manager upon recommendation of the visual arts coordinator to serve as is necessary in connection with the selection and placement of works of art in public places.

(2) The city manager shall adopt initial rules of procedure and internal organization which shall govern the selection of committee members, conduct of committee meetings, and a method or methods for the selection of artists or works of art and for placement of works of art in public places. The visual arts coordinator may adopt amendments to the initial rules of procedure and internal organization. The initial and any amended rules are subject to review by the city attorney and must be ratified by the council. Upon presentation to the council of rules of procedure and internal organization, the council may affirm, reject or modify any provision.

(3) To the extent not otherwise provided by this section, actions of the committee are final. Any person, or the governing body responsible for the project, may appeal the actions of the committee to the city manager only upon the grounds that the committee acted in a manner contrary to law or abused its discretion to the substantial prejudice of the appellant. Any appeal must be made in writing to the city manager within ten days of the action complained of and must state with particularity the grounds for the appeal. The city manager shall proceed to consider the appeal on the record of the proceedings, unless the manager believes a hearing is necessary or desirable to fairly decide the questions raised. The decision of the city manager is final.

(Section 2.646 added by Ordinance No. 18849, enacted August 10, 1981; and amended by Ordinance No. 19651, enacted November 20, 1989.)