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(1) Except as provided in this section, selection of jurors in municipal court shall be governed by the general laws of the state applicable to justices’ courts. Jury list sources shall be the latest tax roll and registration books used at the last city election.

(2) The number of jurors summoned to form a panel is to be determined by the court. When a sufficient number of qualified and available jurors have been selected from the jury list, their names shall be inserted in the Order to summon the jury.

(3) Examination of prospective jurors shall be by the municipal judge. The parties may submit to the judge any questions they desire to be asked of the jurors. Thereafter, the judge shall allow each party a period time for additional questioning of prospective jurors. Challenges for cause shall be taken orally.

(4) Each party is entitled to two peremptory challenges. The challenges shall be exercised alternately, commencing with the defendant, in accordance with the procedure directed by the court. The initial selection of the six from among the prospective jurors summoned to form the panel shall be by lot, and any replacement juror necessitated by the exercise of a challenge shall be selected by lot from among those remaining.

(5) Upon completion of the challenge process, the six jurors so selected shall be empaneled to try the case.

(Section 2.790 added by Ordinance No. 17941, enacted March 28, 1977; amended by Ordinance No. 19304, enacted January 9, 1985; Ordinance No. 19320, enacted April 17, 1985; and Ordinance No. 19798, enacted September 9, 1991, effective October 10, 1991.)