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(1) Requirements. To be qualified to register as domestic partners, couples shall meet the following requirements:

(a) They live as a family, are in a relationship of mutual support, caring and commitment, and intend to remain in such a relationship;

(b) Neither of them is married or registered as the domestic partner of any other person in any jurisdiction, nor has either terminated a registered domestic partnership within the preceding six months;

(c) Both of them are at least 18 years of age; and

(d) They are not related by blood kinship closer than would bar marriage in the state of Oregon, and are mentally competent to consent to contract.

(2) Registration. To register, qualified couples shall sign and submit a Statement of Domestic Partnership stating that they meet the qualifications in subsection (1) of this section and attesting that they:

(a) Understand that the registration of domestic partnership is evidence of a domestic partnership of continuous duration; and

(b) Agree to file a statement of termination if the partnership is terminated (except by death) or if any of the declarations in subsections (1)(a) or (b) of this section is no longer true.

The statement of domestic partnership shall be signed by at least one person who has witnessed the partners’ signatures. The partners shall submit the statement of domestic partnership to the city recorder, along with any required fees. Upon verification of the partners’ identities, the city recorder shall issue a Certificate of Domestic Partnership, which shall be signed by the partners and the city recorder. It is not a requirement for registration that the partners reside in the city.

(3) Termination of Domestic Partnership. A domestic partnership registration terminates when:

(a) One of the partners dies; or

(b) One or both of the partners files a statement of termination with the city. If only one partner files a statement of termination, that partner must certify that the filing partner notified the other partner by mailing a notice of such intent by certified mail, return receipt requested, to the last known address of the other partner.

(4) Retention of Domestic Partnership Records. The city recorder will maintain a registration record for each domestic partnership registered with the city that includes the partners’ names, registration date, termination date (if applicable), certificate number, copy of the Statement of Domestic Partnership and a copy of the Statement of Termination (if applicable).

(5) Administrative Rules. The city manager may adopt administrative rules pursuant to section 2.019 of this code, and establish fees pursuant to section 2.020 of this code, in order to implement the provisions of sections 2.815 and 2.820 of this code. The rules shall include, but not be limited to, the form and content of the domestic partnership certificate, the statement of termination and the registration record.

(Section 2.820 added by Ordinance No. 20264, enacted November 12, 2002, effective February 1, 2003.)