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The city council declares that it is the public policy of the city and the purpose of sections 2.876 to 2.896 of this Code to promote harmonious, peaceful and cooperative relationships between the city and its employees, and to protect the public by assuring, at all times, the responsive and effective operation of government. Inasmuch as unresolved disputes in the public service are injurious to the public, the city, and its employees as well, adequate means are herein provided for preventing or minimizing disputes between the city and its employees, and for resolving such disputes when they occur. Neither this Code nor any agreement pursuant thereto revokes any constitutional, common law, charter, statutory or traditional right or responsibility of the city to act unilaterally to.

(a) Determine the overall mission of the city as a unit of government;

(b) Maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of city operations;

(c) Determine the services to be rendered, the operations to be performed, the technology to be utilized or the matters to be budgeted;

(d) Determine the overall methods, processes, means, job classifications or personnel by which city operations are to be conducted;

(e) Direct, supervise or hire employees;

(f) Promote, suspend, discipline, discharge, transfer, assign, schedule, retain or layoff employees;

(g) Temporarily relieve or layoff employees from duties because of lack of work or funds, or under conditions where the city determines continued work would be inefficient or non-productive;

(h) Take whatever other actions may be necessary to carry out the public policy not otherwise specified herein or limited by a collective bargaining agreement; or

(i) Take actions to carry out the mission of the city as the governmental unit in situations of emergency.

Nothing in this Code limits the discretion of the city to voluntarily confer with city employees or employee representatives in the process of developing policies to effectuate or implement any of the above enumerated rights.

(Section 2.878 added by Ordinance No. 17796, enacted October 25, 1976.)