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(1) The hearings official’s costs in conducting unfair labor practice hearings, bargaining unit determinations, certification or decertification elections, and other functions under sections 2.876 to 2.894 of this Code shall be determined by agreement between the city and the bargaining agents, except that costs of transcripts requested of a proceeding shall be borne by the party making the request.

(2) The cost of the chairperson on the panel of factfinders and the costs of the arbitrator in section 2.888(3) and (15) shall be shared equally by the parties.

(3) Costs of advocate members of a tripartite fact-finding panel shall be borne by the parties appointing the advocates.

(Section 2.896 added by Ordinance No. 17796, enacted October 25, 1976, and amended by Ordinance No. 17817, enacted December 20, 1976.)