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(1) A candidate for a city council office representing a particular ward shall be nominated by the electors residing in that ward.

(2) A candidate for a Eugene Water & Electric Board office representing a pair of wards shall be nominated by the electors residing in those wards.

(3) A candidate for the office of mayor or an office on the Eugene Water & Electric Board representing the city at large shall be nominated by electors who reside in the city.

(4) In a year for filling an office referred to in subsection (1), (2), or (3) of this section, a nomination of a candidate for the office shall be conducted in accordance with the state law governing popular elections, except that the nominating petition shall be submitted to the city recorder at least 76 days before the first election for filling the office and it shall be signed by 25 electors who reside in the area to be represented by the office.

(5) The city recorder or designee shall verify the signatures on a nominating petition as provided in section 2.979(1) of this code. Any signature which is not the signature of an elector who resides in the area to be represented by the office for which the nominating petition was circulated shall not be counted toward the number of signatures required by subsection (4) of this section.

(Section 2.964, previously numbered 2.970, amended by Ordinance No. 18106, enacted January 18, 1978; Ordinance No. 18697, enacted September 10, 1980; Ordinance No. 19883, enacted October 26, 1992, effective November 25, 1992; Ordinance No. 20287, enacted March 10, 2003, effective April 9, 2003; and Ordinance No. 20405, enacted March 19, 2008, effective April 19, 2008.)