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No later than the 18th day before the election at which a city measure is to be voted upon, the city manager or the manager’s designee shall mail a voters’ pamphlet to each residence within the appropriate geographical area(s) and make voters pamphlets available for public distribution at city hall, the city library, and at other municipal facilities within the city. The appropriate geographical area means the following.

(a) For voters’ pamphlets containing city measures or statements from candidates for mayor or Eugene Water & Electric Board at large member, the city limits of Eugene;

(b) For voters’ pamphlets containing school district measures or statements from candidates for school board positions, the boundaries of the school district.

(c) For voters’ pamphlets containing only statements from candidates for city council or Eugene Water & Electric Board positions, the wards which those candidates would represent if elected.

(Section 2.997 added by Ordinance No. 19533, enacted February 8, 1988; and amended by Ordinance No. 20190, enacted February 28, 2000, effective March 29, 2000; and Ordinance No. 20405, enacted March 19, 2008, effective April 19, 2008.)