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The city manager shall have the authority to approve rules under section 2.019 and administrative orders under section 2.020 concerning the administration and enforcement of this chapter. The rules and orders may address, but are not limited to.

(a) Fees, penalties and assessments for hearings and calculated to reimburse the full cost of processing the application, conducting the hearing, and administering the program being regulated;

(b) The procedures to be followed and information to be required regarding an application for a new or renewed license, certification card, or permit;

(c) The procedure to be used in reviewing applications for all new and renewal licenses, permits and certifications;

(d) A requirement for the provision of (1) bonds and/or insurance, and the amounts and types thereof, sufficient to protect the public and city against loss or injury, and (2) the designation of an agent who can accept legal process;

(e) The form and content of application, permit, certification, and identification forms;

(f) The form and content of records required to be maintained by a licensee, permittee, or certificate holder, including financial information relating to revenues and expenses;

(g) The form and content of tests to be administered;

(h) Required equipment;

(i) Required markings; and

(j) Such other matters as may be specifically authorized elsewhere in this code.

(Section 3.015 amended by Ordinance No. 18387, enacted May 2, 1979; Ordinance No. 19321, enacted April 22, 1985; Ordinance No. 19337, enacted June 26, 1985, effective July 26, 1985; Ordinance No. 19742, enacted January 14, 1991, effective February 14, 1991; and Ordinance No. 19914, enacted April 28 1993, effective May 28, 1993.)