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(1) The city may deny or revoke a license upon finding that:

(a) The licensee fails to meet the requirements of this code, or is doing business in violation of this code or applicable federal, state or county law, ordinance, rule or regulation.

(b) The applicant has provided false or misleading material information, or has omitted disclosure of a material fact on the application, related materials, or license.

(c) The applicant has violated a law, including a violation which does not lead to a conviction, unless the applicant demonstrates to the satisfaction of the city manager that the violation has no bearing on the applicant’s fitness to undertake the licensed activity without endangering property or the public health, safety or welfare. The city manager may consider as a basis for denial or revocation:

1. Only those violations which would constitute felonies, if convicted, which occurred within the preceding ten years;

2. All other violations only if they occurred within the preceding three years.

(d) The information supplied for the review does not indicate that the applicant has the special knowledge or skill required to perform the licensed activity.

(e) The licensed activity or device would endanger property or the public health or safety.

(f) A license fee or installment payment of a fee has not been made by the due date.

(2) The city shall provide written notice to the applicant of a denial or revocation. The notice shall state the reason for denial or revocation and shall inform the applicant of the right to appeal under section 2.021 of this code.

(3) The notice shall be given at least 15 days before the revocation becomes effective. If the violation ends within the 15 days, the city may discontinue the revocation proceedings.

(4) A person whose application for any business license has been denied or whose license has been revoked may, after 90 days from the date of denial or revocation, apply for a license upon payment of the application fee and submission of an application form and required attachments.

(5) A person whose application for any business license has been denied or whose license has been revoked for a total of two times within one year or who has a total of four denials or revocations, shall be disqualified from applying for a license for a period of two years from the date of the last revocation or denial.

(Section 3.050 amended by Ordinance No. 18197, enacted May 24, 1978; Ordinance No. 19321, enacted April 22, 1985; Ordinance No. 19742, enacted January 14, 1991, effective February 14, 1991; Ordinance No. 19929, enacted September 13, 1993, effective October 13, 1993; and Ordinance No. 20058, enacted September 9, 1996, effective October 9, 1996.)