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Solid Waste, Yard Debris and Recycling
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(1) No person shall collect residential recyclables, yard debris or solid waste within the corporate limits of the city without first obtaining a solid waste collection license for such activity in accordance with the rules adopted by the city manager under section 2.019 of this code.

(2) The following persons do not require a solid waste collection license:

(a) A civic, community, benevolent or charitable non-profit organization that collects, transports and markets source separated materials for resource recovery, but only for the purpose of raising funds for a charitable, civic or benevolent activity.

(b) A person who transports solid waste which such person produces directly to a disposal site authorized by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality or to a recycling or resource recovery facility.

(c) A property owner who transports solid waste left by a tenant upon such owner’s property; however, an owner of an apartment, condominium or mobile home complex of more than five units may not provide solid waste collection service for compensation for tenants on a regular or continuing basis without first obtaining a license for solid waste collection.

(d) A contractor employed to demolish, construct or remodel a building or structure, including, but not limited to, land clearing operations and construction wastes, when collecting or transporting wastes created in connection with such employment.

(e) A person who collects recyclable materials only from commercial customers.

(f) A person who performs landscaping services for a property owner or tenant and transports yard debris in his or her own vehicle.

(3) Except as otherwise provided in sections 3.245 through 3.270, no other person shall provide, offer to provide, or advertise for the performance of the services provided for therein for any person or any real property in the city for compensation.

(Section 3.245 amended by Ordinance No. 19321, enacted April 22, 1985; Ordinance No. 19603, enacted February 13, 1989; Ordinance No. 19982, enacted September 12, 1994, effective October 12, 1994; Ordinance No. 20173, enacted October 25, 1999, effective November 24, 1999; and Ordinance No. 20252, enacted May 13, 2002, effective June 12, 2002.)