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A solid waste collection licensee shall not subcontract with another person on a regular, periodic or long-term basis to provide solid waste, yard debris, and/or recycling collection service under this code without the prior written approval of the city manager or designee. Approval shall be based on the ability of the licensee to substantiate that the subcontractor meets all the provisions of this chapter and rules adopted hereunder applicable to the service to be provided by the subcontractor. Approval by the city manager or designee shall not relieve the licensee from responsibility for compliance by the licensee and subcontractor with the provisions of this code and the rules adopted hereunder.

(Section 3.249, formerly section 3.284 added by Ordinance No. 19603, enacted February 13, 1989; amended and renumbered by Ordinance No. 20252, enacted May 13, 2002, effective June 12, 2002.)