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(1) The rules adopted by the city manager under section 2.019 of this code concerning solid waste and recycling licenses may address, but are not limited to:

(a) Minimum identification, maintenance and sanitation standards for collectors’ vehicles;

(b) Minimum standards relating to the qualifications, training and identification of collectors’ employees;

(c) Minimum standards for all information to be included in collectors’ records;

(d) Minimum standards and procedures for collection service to assure quality of service to customers;

(e) The establishment of rates for service and the procedure to be used in recommending and revising solid waste and recycling service rates;

(f) The establishment of application requirements to be met before a license may be issued or transferred;

(g) The establishment of application, license and license transfer fees that allow the city, at a minimum, to recover regulatory and enforcement costs associated with solid waste and/or recycling collection;

(h) The establishment of procedures, policies and operating practices which are required for implementation of this code; and

(i) The establishment of customer responsibilities that include, but are not limited to, payment responsibility; location of receptacles; time and manner of placement and retrieval of solid waste, recyclable materials and yard debris receptacles; the manner in which receptacles are loaded, and acceptable and unacceptable materials for specific receptacles, and the maximum weights for each.

(2) The city manager may adopt a solid waste systems benefit fee under section 2.020 of this code, or may enter into an intergovernmental agreement with Lane County to authorize Lane County to impose and collect within the city a solid waste systems benefit fee in the same amount that applies outside the city, to fund the cost of waste management programs and community services, including but not limited to recycling education, recycling drop-off facilities, special waste programs and facilities, solid waste transfer sites and technical assistance services for businesses

(Section 3.250 amended by Ordinance No. 18629, enacted May 12, 1980; Ordinance No. 19321, enacted April 22, 1985; Ordinance No. 19603, enacted February 13, 1989; Ordinance No. 19982, enacted September 12, 1994, effective October 12, 1994; Ordinance No. 20173, enacted October 25, 1999, effective November 24, 1999; and Ordinance No. 20252, enacted May 13, 2002, effective June 12, 2002.)