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The rules adopted under section 2.019 concerning licenses for commerce on public property may address, but are not limited to, the following areas.

(a) Maximum dimensions and other safety features of an occupied vending unit or vending equipment;

(b) Restrictions on vending locations, including restrictions on how close vendors may locate to a business selling similar products, on the nature of items to be sold, and on the number of different items that can be sold by a single vendor;

(c) The minimum and type of liability insurance coverage required for a license for commerce on public property to protect the city and public from loss or injury;

(d) Requirements of and restrictions on the conduct of business by vendors;

(e) The amount of the applicable fees;

(f) The allocation of license operating areas and vending locations;

(g) The form and content of the hold harmless agreement to be submitted by each vendor, sufficient to protect the city from damage or liability;

(h) The issuance of special event permits for commerce on public property;

(i) Such other matters as are consistent with the purpose of sections 3.336 to 3.344 of this code.

(Section 3.340 added by Ordinance No. 19331, enacted June 12, 1985.)