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(1) In determining whether to grant or deny a license, the city shall consider:

(a) The need to maintain the free flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic on streets, sidewalks and areas open to the public;

(b) Any danger to public health, safety or welfare or to public or private property that may result from approval of an application;

(c) The need to preserve and enhance the aesthetic qualities of the license operating area; and

(d) The need to prevent interference with the peaceful enjoyment of the areas near places where commerce is occurring.

(2) The city may issue a license upon finding that the applicant has met all requirements of this code and rules adopted under this chapter, and that the criteria of section 3.341(1) are satisfied.

(3) Upon sale, transfer or termination of business, the vending location shall be allocated in accordance with rules adopted under this chapter.

(Section 3.341, formerly Section 3.342, added by Ordinance No. 19331, enacted June 12, 1985; and amended and renumbered by Ordinance No. 19914, enacted April 28, 1993, effective May 28, 1993.)