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The city manager shall adopt administrative rules pursuant to section 2.019 of this code, in order to implement the provisions of sections 3.400 – 3.430. Such rules may include, but are not limited to.

(a) The information required to be provided in an application for registration and for a license, including a description of the services to be provided and the location and design of the proposed facility;

(b) Criteria for determining whether the applicant for a license is financially, technically, and legally qualified to successfully complete any proposed facility to be installed in, on, under or over the public right-of-way;

(c) Contents of a licensee’s plans for construction, rebuilding, upgrade or extension of facilities, including the period of time such plans must cover;

(d) Licensee and registrant reporting requirements;

(e) Terms and renewals of registrations and licenses.

(f) Transfer of licenses.

The rules may differentiate between telecommunications facilities and telecommunications service providers, open video systems, cable television systems, and private communications facilities.

(Section 3.430 added by Ordinance No. 20083, enacted April 28, 1997.)