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The tax administrator may revoke the license of any dealer who fails to comply with any provision of sections 3.465 to 3.489. The tax administrator shall mail, by certified mail addressed to the dealer at his/her last known address appearing in the files of the tax administrator, a notice of intent to cancel. The notice of revocation shall provide all information required by section 3.050 of this code, and include the reason for cancellation. A dealer has all appeal rights provided by section 2.021 of this code. The license cancellation shall become effective when the local appeal process provided in section 2.021 of this code is completed and a final decision has been rendered by the hearings official.

(Section 3.471 added by Ordinance No. 20278, enacted January 27, 2003, effective February 26, 2003; and administratively corrected May 14, 2003.)