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(1) The license tax imposed by section 3.466 shall not be imposed on motor vehicle fuel:

(a) Exported from the city by a dealer; or

(b) Sold by a dealer for export by the purchaser to an area or areas outside the city in containers other than the fuel tank of a motor vehicle, but every dealer shall be required to report such exports and sales to the city in such detail as may be required.

(2) In support of any exemption from license taxes claimed under this section other than in the case of stock transfers or deliveries in the dealer’s own equipment, every dealer must execute and file with the tax administrator an export certificate in such form as shall be prescribed, prepared and furnished by the tax administrator, containing a statement, made by some person having actual knowledge of the fact of such exportation, that the motor vehicle fuel has been exported from the city, and giving such details with reference to such shipment as the tax administrator may require. The tax administrator may demand of any dealer such additional data as is deemed necessary in support of any such certificate, and failure to supply such data will constitute a waiver of all right to exemption claimed by virtue of such certificate. The tax administrator may, in a case where the tax administrator believes no useful purpose would be served by filing of an export certificate, waive the filing of the certificate.

(3) Any motor vehicle fuel carried from the city in the fuel tank of a motor vehicle shall not be considered as exported from the city.

(4) No person shall, through false statement, trick or device, or otherwise, obtain motor vehicle fuel for export as to which the city tax has not been paid and fail to export the same, or any portion thereof, or cause the motor vehicle fuel or any portion thereof not to be exported, or divert or cause to be diverted the motor vehicle fuel or any portion thereof to be used, distributed or sold in the city and fail to notify the tax administrator and the dealer from whom the motor vehicle fuel was originally purchased of his/her act.

(5) No dealer or other person shall conspire with any person to withhold from export, or divert from export or to return motor vehicle fuel to the city for sale or use so as to avoid any of the fees imposed herein.

(6) In support of any exemption from taxes on account of sales of motor vehicle fuel for export by the purchaser, the dealer shall retain in his/her files for at least three years, an export certificate executed by the purchaser in such form and containing such information as is prescribed by the tax administrator. This certificate shall be prima facie evidence of the exportation of the motor vehicle fuel to which it applies only if accepted by the dealer in good faith.

(Section 3.480 added by Ordinance No. 20278, enacted January 27, 2003, effective February 26, 2003; and amended by Ordinance No. 20336, enacted January 26, 2005, effective February 25, 2005.)