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The city manager may adopt administrative rules pursuant to section 2.019 of this code, and establish fees pursuant to section 2.020 of this code in order to implement the provisions of sections 3.500 – 3.515. The rules shall include, but not be limited to.

(1) The form and content of licenses, which shall provide at a minimum information about the penalty schedule reflected in section 3.990(2) of this code for enhanced penalties for second and subsequent violations occurring within a 24 month period; and

(2) A schedule of administrative civil penalties for violation of sections 3.500 to 3.510 of this code that considers factors that include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) The extent to which a violator has voluntarily provided for its employees, or otherwise participated in, any training program designed to prevent violations of sections 3.500 to 3.510 of this code;

(b) The violator’s cooperation and efforts to prevent or correct violations;

(c) Any prior violations of the same ordinance or other similar statutes, ordinances, rules or orders; and

(d) Whether the violation was intentional, knowing, reckless or negligent.

(Section 3.515 added by Ordinance No. 20211, enacted September 25, 2000, effective October 26, 2000.)