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Except as provided in section 3.625, any amount due the city as a tax under section 3.605 of this code is in addition to any other payment required by law, and shall not be considered as payment in lieu of or as a credit toward.

(a) Any franchise fee paid to the city for the use of the public ways of the city;

(b) The payment of any general ad valorem taxes levied or imposed upon the properties of the natural gas supplier;

(c) Any local improvement assessment imposed on the natural gas supplier;

(d) Any permit fees or inspection fees required by the construction codes or other ordinances of the city which are or may hereafter be adopted; or

(e) Any similar fee or charge imposed by law.

(Section 3.620 added by Ordinance No. 19655, enacted December 4, 1989; and amended by Ordinance No. 20176, enacted November 8, 1999, effective December 8, 1999.)