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(1) The city manager shall administer and implement the provisions of sections 3.650 to 3.680 of this code. Except where otherwise indicated, as used herein, “city manager” includes the city manager’s designee, and any entity the city manager contracts with for the administration of sections 3.650 to 3.680, and the billing and collection of the fees due thereunder and enforcement of those provisions. The city shall not delegate to a contractor authority to promulgate rules, establish fees, or issue final decisions regarding the imposition of fees or penalties.

(2) The city manager may establish rules pursuant to section 2.019 of this code for implementation of sections 3.650 to 3.680 of this code. Such rules may include, but are not limited to, provisions necessary for eliciting information needed to administer the occupancy fee provisions, inducing prompt and full payment of the fee, preventing fraud or evasion in reporting or payment of the fee, procedures to adequately apprise property owners of their obligations under sections 3.650 to 3.680, provisions that further define what constitutes occupied property, residential use, and other terms used in this ordinance, procedures for resolution of disputed designations, and imposing sanctions conducive to compliance with the rules and this code.

(3) The city manager or designee may obtain from each property owner the information necessary or convenient for determining the accuracy of the occupancy fee report. Each person subject to the fee shall keep available and open for inspection by the city, such records as may be necessary in making such determination.

(Section 3.655 added by Ordinance No. 19965, enacted on May 18, 1994, effective July 1, 1994; and amended by Ordinance No. 20092, enacted September 17, 1997.)