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(1) Every transient lodging tax collector shall collect the TLT at the time rent is paid, unless an exemption applies. If payment is by credit card, for purposes of this section, payment is made at the time credit card information is provided to the transient lodging tax collector, not when the transient lodging tax collector ultimately receives credit for the transaction. While holding the payment in trust for the city, a transient lodging tax collector may commingle the tax proceeds with the transient lodging tax collector’s funds, but the transient lodging tax collector is not the owner of tax proceeds, except that, when a return is filed, the transient lodging tax collector becomes the owner of the administrative fee authorized to be retained. Transient lodging tax collectors may choose to file returns and remit payment based on amounts accrued but not yet collected. The transient lodging tax collector is liable for any TLT that should have been collected from the occupant, except in cases of nonpayment of rent by the occupant.

(2) Upon request of the city, transient lodging tax collectors must provide all physical addresses of transient lodging facilities within the city limits and the related contact information, including the name and mailing address, of the general manager, agent, owner, host or other responsible person for the location.

(Section 3.774 added by Ordinance No. 17282, enacted March 24, 1975, amended by Ordinance No. 19108, enacted March 14, 1983; Ordinance No. 19486, enacted June 22, 1987; Ordinance No. 20673, enacted July 25, 2022, effective October 1, 2022.)