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No TLT may be imposed upon:

(a) A dwelling unit in a hospital, health care facility, long-term care facility or any other residential facility that is licensed, registered or certified by the Oregon Department of Human Services or the Oregon Health Authority;

(b) A dwelling unit in a facility providing treatment for drug or alcohol abuse or providing mental health treatment;

(c) A dwelling unit that is used by members of the general public for temporary human occupancy for fewer than 30 days per year;

(d) A dwelling unit, the consideration for which is funded by a government agency directly or through a voucher, and the purpose of which is to provide emergency or temporary shelter;

(e) A dwelling unit at a nonprofit youth or church camp, nonprofit conference center or other nonprofit facility;

(f) A dwelling unit that is leased or otherwise occupied by the same person for a consecutive period of 30 days or more during the year. The requirements of this subsection are satisfied even if the physical dwelling unit changes during the consecutive period, if:

(1) All dwelling units occupied are within the same facility; and

(2) The person paying consideration for the transient lodging is the same person throughout the consecutive period.

(g) A dwelling unit is leased on a monthly basis, irrespective of the number of days in the month; or

(h) A dwelling unit whose rent is of a value less than $2.00 per day.

(Section 3.778 added by Ordinance No. 17282, enacted March 24, 1975; and amended by Ordinance No. 19164, enacted July 13, 1983; Ordinance No. 20094, enacted October 13, 1997, effective November 12, 1997; Ordinance No. 20673, enacted July 25, 2022, effective October 1, 2022.)